About Prints

Five important things to note about these images (prices come last):

1. They all come from entries on my main blog, Beasts in a Populous City, hence the links to those entries. Not every image from every entry is available here for purchase; if there is one from the blog that you'd especially like, please make a request in a comment, and I'll do what I can to make it available.

2. The size of the images posted on this page has no relation to the size of the prints. Because I've copied images from my blog, they're generally the size they were in that entry, but this has nothing to do with their resolution.

3. The shape of the images posted here may not be perfectly equal to the shape of the print; that is, many of these images have been what I call "blog-cropped," that is, made more square, while images for prints will be closer to typical 5x7 or 8x10 dimensions.

4. You can use the search box to search for images by species; just type in "gorilla" or "meerkat," and you will find the posts with images of those animals.

5. Pricing for standard-sized cards and prints is as follows:

5x7 greeting cards - $2.99
Postcards - $1.79

6x9 Prints - $15
8x10 Prints - $20
8x12 Prints - $20
10x12 Prints - $40
10x15 Prints - $40